My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts

Before the universe was,
it was a thought—
A thought that lit the stars,
spun the pinwheel galaxies,
and taught the molecules to breathe.

Crawling from the ocean we advanced,
until we stood upright and sang and danced
ten million songs
of signs and miracles.
All nature in a thundering chorus.
A future perfect spread before us.

From the ancient lyre, a lie.
we eat forbidden fruit,
a flash of lightning splits the sky…
the universe begins to die.
And we are lost,
lost, like an icy planet
wandering from its former sun,
lost—but not forgotten.

In the frozen darkness,
far outside the garden walls,
between what is and what is not,
empty space itself is torn,
just like us,
but much more slowly
and with no one there to mourn.

And yet, I believe there’s a thought,
greater than the one that summoned light,
that can set our bones back in place,
dress them in immortal flesh,
and teach us how to dance afresh.

No more sorrow, no more pain.
The sun, the moon, the stars, the rain,
all above and all below:
God thought of it, and it was so.