Of Matters Great and Small

by Tom Bajoras

The massive space ark, silent and dark,
transports a frozen civilization
ever toward the promised land.
Mary welcomes spring and a chance
to hang the clothes out to dry.
To cross from one world to another world
the sons and daughters of the gods
have built this bridge
spanning the galactic gulf.
Mary keeps one eye on her son Patrick
playing in the sandbox
and one eye on the dog in the neighbor’s yard.
Even at light speed, it will take
thousands of years for the ark
to reach its destination.
With the last article of clothing on the line,
Mary can finally take a moment to enjoy the April sunshine.
Nearly 100 million, the best of their race,
were chosen from among trillions.
Mary smiles at Patrick’s sandcastle.
The world was dying… there was no choice
other than mass exodus.
“That’s enough sand for today, Pat,
let’s go in and make some lunch.”